The Brand
'Charlotte Lucy' is an emerging ethically conscious children's wear brand.
We create garments that are fun, easy to wear and do not inhibit your smalls from exploring the world around them.
The face behind the Brand
I am Charlotte, 32, wife to a joiner, mum to 2 boys a 4 yr & 2 yr old.
I am a pie, mash & gravy kinda girl a half lager and lime drinker oh & tea and copious amounts of coffee these days as my 2 yr old doesn't like to sleep in his own bed. #bedsharer

I get something in my head & I have to do it immediately. I rush around creating more chaos than needed & I hate to sit still unless I am sleeping. I LOVE a good afternoon nap when the boys have theirs & even when they are not here! 🙈
I work on my label when my boys are at nursery and any other time I can get behind the sewing machine.
I don't like my own company, I am a very social person and find motherhood and working from home can get rather isolating so I work one day a week in a fabric shop to keep me in the real world and sane....ISH.

I was the middle of the road kid in school and did OK. The one thing I was good at was sewing and I'm lucky that I love it to. So I kinda figured maybe that's what I should do to earn a living. So here I am. Sewing away making beautiful children's clothes to pay the bills. Not a bad life I don't think.

I love to hear your thoughts on my products and seeing the photos of your little ones in them so please feel free to share these with me. x

Thank you again and welcome to the Journey of Charlotte Lucy. I don't know where we are going but it is not about the destination it's the journey ❤